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Superboost your sales with Eazr

Attract, convert, and retain customers with deferred payment options.

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Payment option shoppers love,
Add Shop Now, Pay Later at checkout

Give your customers the financial freedom they deserve by letting them pay later,
while you get paid in full upfront.
It’s a win-win.
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Live Support

We're right here whenever you need us!
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Simple & fast

Onboarding was never this simple & easy.
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Manage on mobile

Manage payments & transactions on the go.
How we work for Merchants

Infinite growth, one platform.

Offer your customers a simpler way to pay. Let them pay later fortnightly and interest-free  whilst receiving your payment immediately. Lower price points mean shorter payment cycles and in-turn repeat customers for your brand.

For businesses of all sizes

Why Eazr ?

Eazr increases your average order value, boosts conversion rate and grows your customer acquisition.

Customer First

First in customer satisfaction

We are committed towards putting customers first. From no interest fees to complete transparency, our goal is to give your customers a convenient way to say yes to the things they love, without giving up financial peace of mind.


Effortless Integration.

Universal Integration

Mobile, web or links we have it all.

Rest based APIs

Reliable, quick and easy to integrate.

Popular Plug-in Support

Up in minutes! Easy integrate any site.

Sell smarter with Eazr

Customer loves the flexibility of paying later.

Eazr's Merchant enjoys higher AOV, more repeat purchases & immediate payment.

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Seamless Payments

Online or in-store, Seamless payments all the way.

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Customers First

Interest-free credit with no hard credit check or impact credit.

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Zero Risk

You get paid today. Customers enjoy credit & pay over time.

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Track Progress

Easily manage your transactions in the merchant portal.

Eazr for business

Merchant Dashboard

Access rich data, discover who your shoppers are and everything in between
to help you grow your business with Eazr Merchant Dashboard.

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